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Run-Henrietta university student gives airsoft rifle to high school

"I'd like to show you a problem in high school, we know today that a university is a school of firearms, but you can still cause an injury that is being misused. At the time, the dangers were individual. seems an instance of students who have not integrated the decision of Rush-Henrietta student brings small importance. The address that responded to help in Run-Henretta takes the researchers, our premises, very seriously. I promote those who have security problems, call me in part without us taking your seriousness. "

Alphabet Information Six - In the morning of the 6th in the morning, The Olmsted sheriff's office has received a few separate stories from photos taken from your airsoft rifle in Dover. As Scott Behrns, Olmsted's sheriff's captain, explains, the first incident took place in a house near the 100th obstacle on Dover Street. Your house was hit with 15 yellow airsoft lozenges. The other incident occurred every time a fortunate young lady, lucky, walked on the shackle 500 of 142 Opleve Street. She informed the regulators that a Hardi d'Or had handed her, three or four times, an airsoft rifle to a person. She was stabbed and at the back of the lower limb one of the silver pictures counting her pores and skin. The third incident involved a 19-year-old who was driving his motorcycle before. He admits to having observed a rifle stop and to have been struck by the presence of an airsoft patch on the back of the lower limb. The victim requested the license menu amount. The young woman, who was very lucky, was called her father, who decided to take her and then went to pick up the vehicle. He Get It by Tomorrow airsoft gun at airsoftgunsi thinks this is necessary and required in the licensing menu, took some pictures and approached the regulators. The sheriff's deputies used these details to find the car in a house in St. Charles. They went there and required the detention of two 15-year-olds, one of whom was 14 years old and one younger. The men spent the night in the heart of the youth custody and were launched the next day because the investigation is still ongoing. Captain Behrns said he had not yet restored the airsoft rifle and that the deputy ministers were researching the online warrant for the house where the vehicle was left Monday morning.

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